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Our Transition To NewEdge Wealth
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Our team built our business by providing superior service to a select group of clients, many of them for more than 25 years. The central tenets of our approach — wealth planning, goals-based investing and concierge customer service — have progressively adapted to the evolving needs of our clients. NewEdge Wealth is the inevitable evolution toward the future of wealth management.

Through our decades of combined experience, in recent years we have observed a shift and expansion in client needs and services. We believe that we have reached an inflection point where we could no longer keep pace with the changing needs of our clients based on the platform of our previous firm. In fact, we no longer believe that this evolution can easily take place at the larger Wall Street firms. At the bigger firms, the focus on managing businesses that serve thousands of advisors and covering millions of clients does not foster an environment where clients are always put first. We concluded that we had to make a change.

The Wall Street firms will always be great providers of utility resources that we can use to support and advise our clients, and so we have decided to become customers, not employees of the big firms. To focus on one constituent — you, our client — we sought a new solution that would enable us to help our clients reach new levels of performance and service.


We needed a new edge, one that would allow us to deliver access to the financial solutions our clients want.