Wealth Management
Solutions Built Around You

It’s not just about doing more with your money.
It’s also about doing more with your time.

We seek to deliver the ultimate level of service and attention to organize and simplify your financial life, while curating a unique set of investments and credit solutions built around you and your unique needs.


Multi-Generational Wealth

Family Offices


Corporate Executives

Private Equity Professionals

How We Serve Our Clients

NewEdge Wealth is designed specifically around the unique needs of our clients and the complexities of their lives. We deliver a personalized approach to wealth management that simplifies the process for our clients by offering comprehensive solutions and anticipating their needs ahead of time. Click the profiles below to read more about just some of the ways we assist our clients with various aspects of their financial lives and beyond. 
NewEdge Wealth Support for Multigenerational Wealthy Families

Generational Wealth

Wealth Strategy designed to simplify the complexities of your life while establishing the legacy you want your family to leave behind.

NewEdge Wealth Family Office Support


Outsourced CIO services or investment services that compliment your existing strategies plus technology to coordinate it all.

NewEdge Wealth Support for Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful Entrepreneurs

Meeting the challenge of balancing the financial demands of your company and building your personal financial stability.

Corporate Executives

Simplifying and coordinating the complexities your corporate career has brought to your personal finances.

Private Equity Professionals

Wealth strategy created specifically for your career, when so much of your personal and professional finances are intertwined.