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Advanced Wealth Strategy

Our ultra high net worth clients have accumulated a level of wealth that will more than likely last beyond not just their own lifetime, but that of their current descendants. For such clientele, the prospect of setting a wealth strategy can be fraught with difficult decisions and prickly obstacles. The complexities surrounding your wealth — not to mention the personal dynamics of children, families, employees and friends — make each decision as to how, when and to whom to pass your wealth onto when the time comes even more difficult.

Many of the NewEdge Wealth financial advisors have worked with individuals at this same point in life. Our strategic wealth planning process starts in the present moment and builds a roadmap toward success. It’s a journey that we take together with you, and it is a process that we have created and explicitly refined to remove much of the burden from your shoulders when managing the complexities of wealth.

In short, our strategic wealth planning process provides peace of mind to you and your family that you’re doing what you need to do today to achieve your desired legacy in the future.

Living for today, but planning for tomorrow & beyond.

Evaluation & Quantitative Modeling

Math allows for the reduction of vagueness. Questions we will help answer:

  • How much money do I need? How much more can I spend?
  • How much capital or assets can I gift without impairing my lifestyle?
  • What would happen if I sold my business? How much can I invest in starting a business?
  • What return do I need from my portfolio to accomplish my goals?
  • What is my likely estate tax obligation? What can I do about it?

Our approach is designed to help you clearly understand how your money is invested…and why. This clarity can help you stay focused on your long-term goals, no matter what the markets are doing.

Latest Webinar

2023 Mid-Year Outlook

Chief Investment Officer, Cameron Dawson, CFA®, was joined by NewEdge Wealth’s Ben Emons, Jay Peters, CFA®, and Maxwell Snyder. Together, they discussed equities, fixed income, and alternative investments in the ever-evolving economic landscape of 2023.

Wealth Strategy Insights

Employee Stock Options

Employee Stock Options

Stock compensation plans offer significant opportunities for wealth accumulation. However, the complexity of these plans and the diversity of how they can be structured can often lead to confusion.

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2023 Wealth Strategy Guide

2023 Wealth Strategy Guide

A thoughtfully constructed wealth strategy takes a holistic approach to wealth management and understands how each piece interacts with the others. As your wealth increases, so do the complexities, potential risks, and unique opportunities available to you and your family.

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