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Weekly Edge

At the end of the trading week, the team at NewEdge Wealth publishes its commentary on the week that was, as well as some insights into what it means for clients looking ahead.

Machinehead: A Cyclical Recovery in the Age of AI

This week’s Weekly Edge looks at the week’s strong semiconductor earnings and details a nascent recovery in broader cyclical activity. This cyclical reacceleration is an important watch item, as it could change the Fed’s path for expected rate cuts, while also impacting equity and bond markets in various ways.
We note that in the past 35 years, the Fed has never begun cutting rates when Manufacturing PMIs were rebounding/reaccelerating. Though this continues to be a “Strange Landing” cycle, we are doubtful that the Fed will move to ease policy in a meaningful way if this cyclical recovery continues.

Separate Ways

Though strong rallies in broad equity market indices to start 2024 are hardly wince-inducing like Journey’s music video, under the surface, we have continued to see stark divergence between market leaders and laggards, with a notable continuation of 2023’s leadership profile to start 2024. We think this performance is due to earnings revisions going separate ways.

Wealth Strategy

A successful wealth strategy process benefits from a team of advisors, collectively focused on the goals specific to your family. Below are some of the insights and strategies the team at NewEdge has published on what it means to have a wealth strategy, rather than a simple financial plan.

Employee Stock Options

Stock compensation plans offer significant opportunities for wealth accumulation. However, the complexity of these plans and the diversity of how they can be structured can often lead to confusion.

|Sep 8, 2023

Thinking About Selling Your Tech Company? Here’s What You Should Know.

A groundbreaking 2018 study published in the Harvard Business Review revealed that the average age of high-tech founders are in their early forties when establishing their companies. If successful in their ventures, it’s inevitable that the deals will come knocking, but are these founders ready to make an exit?

Jul 26, 2023

2023 Wealth Strategy Guide

A thoughtfully constructed wealth strategy takes a holistic approach to wealth management and understands how each piece interacts with the others. As your wealth increases, so do the complexities, potential risks, and unique opportunities available to you and your family.

Feb 10, 2023

Articles, Webinars & Media Appearances

OK, Boomer

OK, Boomer

As the baton is passed from Boomers to Gen X and Millennials, a notable “age wave” is set to facilitate the transfer of businesses through exits and other transitions. And once again, these unique generations will have needs that differ from others.

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2024 Outlook: Stranger in a Strange Landing

2024 Outlook: Stranger in a Strange Landing

Cameron Dawson, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer at NewEdge Wealth, and members of our investment team recently published their outlook for 2024. Listen in as they take a deep dive into the economy, policy, and markets for the upcoming year.

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