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Empowering Your Business Today, While Preparing for Your Next Act

As a successful entrepreneur, you know that the wealth planning process and management of your personal investments can be different for you than for other high net worth individuals. Your business is your most important financial asset — it also might be your single largest holding, the main source of your personal wealth, and more than likely, an illiquid asset.

These factors make finding the right balance between meeting the financial demands of your company and building your personal financial stability a challenge. A challenge advisors at NewEdge Wealth have helped highly successful entrepreneurs navigate for more than 30 years and a challenge our Partners know first-hand.

Life as an Entrepreneur is Different.

Successful Entrepreneurs Turn to NewEdge Wealth First

Many ultra high net worth advisory firms tell entrepreneurs: “We’re here for you… AFTER you sell your company.” Our entrepreneur clients choose us not only to manage their assets when they become liquid, but to act as their holistic wealth managers today. We can advise them through the various stages of their company and, in particular, help them deal with those points where their personal wealth is intertwined with their company.

Helping Successful Entrepreneurs Manage Today While Preparing for Tomorrow

Wealth Strategy Insights for Entrepreneurs


ONWARD: Episode 5

This is Onward, a compilation of insights and strategies the team at NewEdge has published on what it means as an entrepreneur to have a wealth strategy, rather than a simple financial plan. In our latest episode of Onward, Alain Toto, Managing Director at Waterfall Asset Management, joins Ghislain Gouraige, CEPA®, Partner at NewEdge Wealth, to discuss the role private equity firms can play in a transaction and how business owners should be prepared.  

|Sep 27, 2023

Entrepreneurs, Podcasts, The Executive Edge

The Executive Edge: Bob McCann

Rich Ina, Partner at NewEdge Wealth, sits down with Bob McCann, Co-Chairman of NewEdge Capital Group. Mr. McCann spent the first 26 years of his career at Merrill Lynch, beginning as a trader and rising through the ranks to lead one of the world’s largest wealth management businesses as Vice Chairman and President of Global Wealth Management.

|Jun 2, 2023

NewEdge Wealth ONWARD: Episode 4

ONWARD: Episode 4

Karen Glassman, Managing Director at NewEdge Wealth, joins Ghislain Gouraige, CEPA®, Partner at NewEdge Wealth, as he sits down with John Stewart, Co-Founder of Creo Valo, in our latest episode of "ONWARD."

|Feb 3, 2023

NewEdge Onward Website Episode 3

ONWARD: Episode 3

Robin Petty, Managing Director and Head of Wealth Strategy at NewEdge Wealth sits down with Doug Knight, Chief Executive Officer at WorldTEK Travel Management, in our latest episode of "ONWARD."

|Nov 16, 2022

NewEdge Wealth Onward Episode 2

ONWARD: Episode 2

This is "ONWARD", a compilation of insights and strategies the team at NewEdge has published on what it means as an entrepreneur to have a wealth strategy, rather than a simple financial plan. John Straus, Jr., CFP®, Partner and Co-Founder at NewEdge Wealth, sits down with Matt Curry in episode 2 of "ONWARD".

|Oct 13, 2022

NewEdge Wealth Onward Episode 1

ONWARD: Episode 1

This is ONWARD, a compilation of insights and strategies the team at NewEdge has published on what it means as an entrepreneur to have a wealth strategy, rather than a simple financial plan. In Episode 1, NewEdge Wealth Partner, Ghislain Gouraige, welcomes Eddie Montalvo, a successful entrepreneur who’s had several great exits from his aviation services company. Eddie speaks about his first management buyout in 1997, obstacles he’s faced along the way, and what ventures lay ahead.

|Sep 15, 2022

Entrepreneurs, Wealth Strategies

Rollover Equity & Wealth Strategy

Selling your company to a Private Equity firm affords you many potential benefits, one of which is the ability to rollover equity and defer a portion of the gain realized on the sale of your business. While sellers typically focus on the sale timing and structure, they may be missing a powerful planning opportunity by not exploring planning options for their rollover equity.

|Jul 19, 2022

Entrepreneurs, Wealth Strategies
Preventing a Post-Sale Derailment

Preventing a Post Sale Derailment

You sold your company took that dream vacation and you’re back home well-rested, refreshed, ready to start upon your next endeavor... and you’re bored. You find yourself puttering around the house, being disruptive to your family. Even your dog is starting to wonder why you’re always around. And then it happens... you start to miss your old business. While you’re thrilled with the payout, a feeling of seller’s remorse starts to creep in.

|Jul 15, 2022

We Know Entrepreneurs Because We Are Entrepreneurs

NewEdge Wealth was founded by four successful financial advisors — Rob Sechan, Jeff Kobernick, Walter Granruth and John Straus, Jr. — who sought a new solution to help their ultra high net worth, family office and institutional clients with more aspects of their financial lives. After investigating many different alternatives in the marketplace, they concluded that there wasn’t an existing platform that could meet all of the needs of their demanding client base. They needed to help create a new solutions. NewEdge Wealth was launched at the end of 2020.   

Today, NewEdge Wealth is part of NewEdge Capital Group, a firm with over $32 billion in client assets as of March 31, 2022. Each of the Founding Partners and the Advisors that have joined the firm since are committed to building NewEdge Wealth as the boutique firm that ultra high net worth, family office, institutional clients and entrepreneurs turn to first when it comes to navigating the complexity of their wealth. 

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Wealth Strategy Insights

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Employee Stock Options

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2023 Wealth Strategy Guide

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