Structural Advantage of Having “The Edge”

NewEdge Wealth was purpose-built around the needs of ultra high net worth clients. At NewEdge, we sit on the same side of the table as the client, and together we are customers of the best Wall Street has to offer.

NewEdge Wealth is a business built upon a foundation of safety, objectivity, differentiated technology, in-house intellectual capital and customer service experience clients have come to expect


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Advantage Driven Technology

To make the most of your wealth, you need a wealth of knowledge. But in today’s world, you also need a financial advisor with access to cutting-edge technology and a team that can utilize it all to access to bring together a unique set of solutions curated specifically around the unique needs and demands of ultra high net worth clients.

The process begins by creating a consolidated view of your assets, which would include not only those under advisement at NewEdge, but also those potentially held across 1,500 financial institutions. With a holistic view of your assets, our end-to-end planning experience can focus on defining and prioritizing goals, complete with interactive side-by-side scenario planning, robust what-if scenario planning and tax calculations.

Our robust trading, rebalancing and accounting engine then allows our team to quickly and easily construct and manage highly-customized portfolios at scale, including end-to-end solutions for access and management of alternative investments, structured products, hedge funds and private equity listings.


Technology Built to Actually Simplify Your Life

Open, Flexible and High Touch

Our technology is built around enhancing our ability to deliver personalized advice and service, not to replace it.

Many firms are trying to use technology to replace the human element of the business — removing the advisor from the equation between the firm and the client. They use words like “on-demand” or “direct access” when describing their apps and websites or “artificial intelligence” when it comes to portfolio management and investment decisions. While underlying elements of these technologies can be positive for clients, what is really happening in many of these cases is the firms are seeking ways to reduce overhead costs by reducing labor.

At NewEdge Wealth, we think the personal connection and trust a client develops with their Advisor is too important for the firm to come between. Our success reflects a long-held philosophy of combining the ethic of relationship-centric client service with a sharp focus on utilizing cutting-edge technologies to produce operational efficiencies and competitive advantages for our clients.

A More Convenient Approach to Wealth

We have seen an unprecedented and swift shift to digital over the past few years, and our world is no different. We are embracing this change with nearly all activities. This allows us to best serve you, no matter where you are.

We believe we have been able to strike the right balance of not only delivering information to clients digitally but also doing so in a safe and secure manner. This includes account opening, alternative investment applications, loan applications and management, and a digital lockbox for sharing and storing important information and documents so we can engage and interact with you no matter where you are.

We are also creating a custom-built client portal as a single online stop for our clients to review performance reports, link to their custodians, store confidential documents, retrieve tax forms, and access research reports.

Latest Weekly Summary


We continue to interpret recent trading in U.S. equities as pricing in an elevated chance of a recession within the next twelve months. This does not mean that such an outcome is inevitable. We surmise that this view has taken hold of the markets along with the assumption that the Russia-Ukraine war will persist for quite some time.

Recent Wealth Strategy Insights

2021 Year-End Planning Checklist

2021 Year-End Planning Checklist

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