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The Sharpening Stone

Our strategy is based on two principles. First, we are relentlessly focused on becoming better stewards of client wealth, rooted in the fundamentals of this business — Planning, Process, and Service. Second, we are never content with business as usual. At NewEdge Wealth, we combine these two principles by taking the old tools of wealth management and honing them to a much sharper edge. Our logo tells this story well. The circle, representing the craftsman’s grinding stone, which is kept perpetually straight and true, speaks to how we leverage the power of our technology that constantly keeps us powering forward. The horizontal platform demonstrates the foundational importance of the humanity and stability of our clients. By pressing these two elements together, a skilled craftsman can remove tarnish and the effects of hard use to create something that improves with age.

The Edge

Wealth management that comes with wealth of knowledge.

Curated Solutions

Our experienced team can deliver customized, independent advice across all aspects of our clients’ balance sheets, with access to a broad range of industry-wide research, insight and products that are curated to meet each client’s needs and goals. Read More >>

Strong Foundation Through Partnerships

The goal of NewEdge is to marry the benefits and safety that clients require, with the flexibility and choice that can be offered by independent advisors. That is why we have partnered with EdgeCo Holdings and industry heavyweights like Fidelity to launch NewEdge Wealth. Read More >>

Comprehensive View of Your Wealth

NewEdge Wealth employs technology that aggregates data feeds from more than 1,500 financial institutions, so we can produce a comprehensive balance sheet. This operational and technology infrastructure allows us to aggregate, evaluate and opine on more aspects of your life than we could before.

A More Convenient Approach to Your Wealth

NewEdge has been able to leverage and embrace the significant technological advancements our industry has experienced in recent years so we can securely engage and interact with clients wherever they may be located, at any given moment in time. Read More >>

Institutional Expertise Within a Boutique Environment

We have assembled an investment and management team with the pedigree and talent typically found at larger global organizations. Read More >>


We're Changing the Game
NewEdge Wealth is a business built upon a foundation of safety, objectivity, differentiated technology, and the in-house intellectual capital capability and customer service experience our clients have come to expect.

Everything we have done over the years has been aimed at identifying the best products, creating the best solutions, and providing the best advice in investments, credit, and financial planning.

NewEdge Wealth is a continuation of this commitment to our clients and their families.