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Wealth Strategy Designed to Create the Legacy You Want

What you leave behind will be your legacy. Whether that is the sum of your possessions — companies, money, investments, art, real estate, etc. — or the impact you have on the people or organizations you come in contact with while you walk this earth, those things will amount to your legacy. For most people, the idea of a legacy isn’t something that’s planned out. It just happens. Others may take steps towards what they think will be their legacy but there is no formal plan to continue those things for generations to come. 

What if you knew that, depending on which study you look at, somewhere between 60-70% of wealth is completely depleted by the second generation and by the third generation it is completely gone.  How does that impact your view of leaving your legacy?


An Intentional Legacy Built Upon a Wealth Strategy

Your wealth will more than likely support you for the rest of their life as well as the next generation. But you do have the opportunity to chart a specific course for your wealth — a course that will allow your wealth to create an intentional legacy. Such a legacy can be achieved through a wealth strategy approach that provides for your needs and wants for today and tomorrow, while also creating a pool of capital that can continue to grow well past your lifetime. Such an approach will help to allow your wealth to provide for your descendants and support the charitable causes and other interests that are important to you for generations to come.

Many of the advisors at NewEdge Wealth have been working with individuals at this same place in life for over three decades. As a result, we have created and refined a process designed to take much of the burden of managing the complexities of wealth off or our clients’ shoulders and create an intentional legacy.

Simplifying Today for Tomorrow & Beyond

It’s not just about doing more with your money.
It’s also about doing more with your time.

We help to relieve our clients from many of the complexities and burdens of managing their wealth, allowing them the opportunity to instead focus on the goals they wish to achieve and the legacy they want to establish.

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