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NewEdge Wealth can help simplify, organize and manage the demands your wealth has on your life today, while also delivering a customized wealth strategy to help achieve your legacy for tomorrow and beyond.

No organization has a monopoly on great ideas

At NewEdge Wealth, we have assembled research from across many of the large Wall Street firms and banks in order to help our clients achieve their goals.


Recent Accolades

Barron’s rankings awarded in September 2023 based on prior 12 month data. Forbes/Shook rankings awarded in October 2023 based on data from 3/31/22-3/31/23.

Wealth Management Solutions Built Around You and Your Unique Life

NewEdge Wealth Support for Multigenerational Wealthy Families

Generational Wealth

Wealth Strategy designed to simplify the complexities of your life while establishing the legacy you want your family to leave behind.

NewEdge Wealth Family Office Support


Outsourced CIO services or investment services that compliment your existing strategies plus technology to coordinate it all.

NewEdge Wealth Support for Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful Entrepreneurs

Meeting the challenge of balancing the financial demands of your company and building your personal financial stability.

Corporate Executives

Simplifying and coordinating the complexities your corporate career has brought to your personal finances.

Private Equity Professionals

Wealth strategy created specifically for your career, when so much of your personal and professional finances are intertwined.


Creating an Intentional Legacy

For many families with multi-generational wealth or successful entrepreneurial ventures, the process of setting a wealth strategy can be fraught with difficult decisions and prickly obstacles. The complexities of their wealth, not to mention the personal dynamics of children, families, employees and friends, make each decision they are faced with more difficult. Moreover, their circumstances and needs simply go far beyond what typical financial planning provides.

Employee Stock Options

Stock compensation plans offer significant opportunities for wealth accumulation. However, the complexity of these plans and the diversity of how they can be structured can often lead to confusion.

|Sep 8, 2023

2023 Wealth Strategy Guide

A thoughtfully constructed wealth strategy takes a holistic approach to wealth management and understands how each piece interacts with the others. As your wealth increases, so do the complexities, potential risks, and unique opportunities available to you and your family.

|Feb 10, 2023

Vacation Home

Considerations Before Buying a Home Overseas

Overseas property ownership has grown in popularity as the world becomes more globally focused and pent-up demand for travel continues to grow. Purchasing a home abroad can be extremely exciting; however, it is important to consider that the process, laws and norms can vary greatly by both country and municipality.

|Sep 6, 2022

Planning During a Divorce

Beyond the emotional complexities, high-net worth divorce comes with its own unique set of challenges. Your NewEdge Wealth team is here to help you work through this major life change by partnering closely with your divorce attorney and assembled team of advisors to help guide you every step of the way.

|Aug 31, 2022

Rollover Equity & Wealth Strategy

Selling your company to a Private Equity firm affords you many potential benefits, one of which is the ability to rollover equity and defer a portion of the gain realized on the sale of your business. While sellers typically focus on the sale timing and structure, they may be missing a powerful planning opportunity by not exploring planning options for their rollover equity.

|Jul 19, 2022

NewEdge Wealth seeks to provide a select group of clients with the ultimate level of service and attention to help organize and simplify their lives, while also providing access to an expansive menu of institutional caliber products and services — all wrapped in technology that serves as the connective tissue between the client and their advisor in order to create a stronger, more personal relationship.

The Weekly Edge

From the Office of the CIO

High Yield on the Highway to the Danger Zone?

While equity investors have not yet seen downward GDP revisions as a reason to turn cautious (likely because they also brighten hopes for rate cuts), corporate credit spreads are now several months removed from their 2-year lows. We are becoming concerned that High Yield credit, in particular, may be on the “Highway to the Danger Zone”.

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Quarterly Market Update

As the first quarter of 2024 drew to an end, Cameron Dawson, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer at NewEdge Wealth, and members of our investment team reviewed the current market trends and key investment sectors and provided their forecast for the upcoming quarter.